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The Lockdown

Since March, the United Kingdom (UK) has been in a state of turbulence. Due to the spread of COVID-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus, the majority have experienced more than one Lockdown. The first beginning in March, and the second commencing late October.

Whilst most of the UK was able to come out of a lockdown late June, not all of the country experienced this. Certain counties such as Leicester, due to a rising Covid-19 infection rate were preparing to go into further lockdown.

Currently, the UK is running a Local Covid Alert Level Measures. From the 5th of November to the 2nd of December 2020. Certain businesses are closed, the population is expected to stay at home, with the hope that this will reduce COVID-19 rates to a level which the National Health Service can support.

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Love when we ease out of Lockdown

Five Things Coronavirus can teach us about life and death

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Covid, here to stay?

With the realisation setting in that Covid-19, is a deadly airborne virus which may lead to global lockdowns continuing throughout 2021, and potentially into 2022. For singles, and those in poly relationships looking for love, it may be most beneficial to seek out local dating sites, e.g. dating agency Hampshire.

For example, if you live in Hampshire it may be more beneficial for you to look at a Hampshire dating site. Tinder, with its passport, allows singles from all over the world to connect with one and other. All you have to do is change your location. Sadly, this hasn’t been beneficial during a lockdown as travelling in the future is cloaked obscurity.

No one is sure when travel bans will be lifted, and only being able to mingle with locals after 2 weeks of isolation makes the prospect unlikely for many.

Dating Post Covid-19

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Therefore, we see an unprecedented change in the dating world whereby individuals are no longer comfortable ‘meeting’ people on the other side of the world, as now they are no longer sure if they will ever be presented with an opportunity to meet.

Currently, 33% of British singles are looking for a change in their love/romantic life. Many of whom are hoping to meet someone new. 54% are so motivated to find a new partner that they are working out and eating more healthily. 27% have downloaded dating apps to aid them with the search.

Seeing as so many people are trying to find love, we are here to aid them. Below are 3 tips!

Local Dating Sites

This should be fairly obvious. As of right now your best bet finding love is to look locally. No one knows when will be able to travel internationally frequently or even regionally.

Take some time

What were your past mistakes that made relationships difficult to sustain? Have you worked on them? This may be the best time to begin.

Love the journey

What irritated you about dating in the past? Did you feel it was difficult to find somebody?

Maybe you aren’t enjoying the process enough. Think of dating like a party and how the people at the party smiling/enjoying themselves always seem more attractive than those who are disgruntled/complaining about everything.

Hopefully, this post has exemplified that whilst it may be difficult to meet up with people. That doesn’t mean love has to be on the back burner. Many people still are looking for love, even in a pandemic.

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