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The First Lockdown

Currently, The United Kingdom (UK) has experienced 2 lockdowns due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus). In January, British flights from Wuhan began being cancelled. Late March, the UK first went into lockdown.

It was a strenuous time for a certain percentage of the population. Many people lost their jobs instantly. The economy was plunged into a recession.

Lost jobs led to periods of instability, food insecurity, apprehensions over rent/school uniforms. A fair few lost their lives due to the virus, others worried about catching the virus, and some had to care for family members. Many worked from home. The UK’s health heroes still made the commute. Moving back home was not uncommon.

As time went on the information provided by the government became confusing. It seemed over and over again they were contradicting themselves, whether that be allowing one rule for cabinet and another for the population. Or, encouraging people to go back to work (if they can), and then, encouraging them to Eat Out to Help Out.

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Then, doing a complete 180 and telling people to work from home if they can and blaming those who ate out for the subsequent rise in coronavirus. Even now, whilst the UK is in a lockdown, the rate of infection is difficult to control.

For a small period of time the government made it illegal for people to meet up to have sex and then went back on that judgement (for a small time), and then in light of a rising infection rate put us back into lockdown.

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The Second Lockdown

On the 31st of October, Boris Johnson announced Lockdown this number two. But by this point, many people are now lonely. For a while now researchers have been theorising over a ‘loneliness epidemic’ said to be flourishing in richer countries. And where do people go when they are lonely and looking for comfort? To dating sites such as dating agency Essex.

Initially for many, romance may have been on the back burner, especially when many other things took precedent. However, with many realising that this situation won’t be solved any time soon. They are looking for alternatives to get around the romance dilemma.

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One biological anthropologist, who has spent the last 40 years studying romantic love actually argues Coronavirus will be good for dating. There’s no evidence Coronavirus can be sexually transmitted, but our psychological bias makes us assume that there are pathogens in other humans. This is to a biological advantage when we consider not contracting illnesses, but refraining from dating altogether is not ideal for the species in the long run.

When dating does once again become feasible, people are going to have to become inventive. With the possibility that there may not be a vaccine, it might be better to stick to local dating sites e.g. Essex dating site.

Individuals need to be able to maintain a fair distance from not only each other but other people. Whereas before we may have opted for meeting someone face-to-face, you may now opt for a video call. If you are comfortable meeting someone, potentially opt for a destination where you can distance from others.

3 date ideas/ ways to keep your relationship flourishing in a Pandemic

1) Walk (Park, Canal, Market, Pretty Area) there are numerous places you and your partner can walk, you could even turn it into a jog

2) Picnic, a large park, or a small park just distance from others

3) Call or Video Call, you can schedule in the time, maybe have dinner together, but during this time you can have valuable conversations which aid developing a bond

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