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WE LOVE REAL | Let’s embrace our filterless selves ❤️


Source: The Sociological Mail

Filtered lives are becoming ever more prevalent. You could say the trend started with a jokey filter, one with puppy ears. Before it because a filter which made you look better, smoothing our wrinkles, slimming your face, and widening your eyes. But now its reached a place where individuals are becoming reliant on Facetune, brightening, and filters to achieve their desired look.

What once began as harmless fun has now grown into an industry which feeds on individual insecurities leading to perpetual use.

What needs to take place is some sort of a rollback. Where society once again feels aligned with their true natural selves in images. All too often people of all ages are comparing themselves to the images that they come across on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and within advertisements.

We Love Dates, are hoping to spread this message with The Sociological Mail. We want people to get recomfortable in their own skin.

When the images we portray on the internet are completely at odds to our true selves. We created a situation whereby we are likely to be hurt, disappointed, or left unsatisfied.

One quick search on Reddit, for example, shows thousands of people who feel ‘catfished’, or led on through pictures of an alternate life. These are reasons in themselves as to why we should be more honest. Why? Because then you end up attracting those who are actually attracted to you.

People do not see you as you see yourself in the mirror. They see a more whole and complete image, full of its complexities. Ultimately, that’s what they like about you.

Unedited picture of Shaneka Knight sitting on a toilet.

Now look at the picture above. I cannot fathom how happy I was on this day. No filter, no editing, just me overwhelmed with happiness because I was having such a great meal with great company. It was a great day, I really felt loved and supported. My grandmother wanted an update and this was it. This selfie whilst sitting on a toilet encompasses the real me. Most cheerful offline in a supportive environment.

In 2018, the Guardian published an article on this phenomena. The friend effect: why the secret of health and happiness is surprisingly easy. No surprise, but they found those who eat regularly with friends not only report less loneliness, but are also likely to be happier and report higher life satisfaction.

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Theres a magical glow which comes from within exuding out when you’re filled with confidence and happiness. Being surrounded by those who love and care for you is only a cherry on top. Self-love in the absence of that is just as important.

Unedited photo of Shaneka Knight just back from a run.

Which is why it’s not surprising that you can end up with the same glow right after work out. The good endorphins released make your skin glow and feel you better. Exercise aids having a good mindset where you’ll look at yourself more positively. Whilst also being a tool to combat depression.

And here’s a jokey picture a friend snapped of me with a Snapchat filter. Does it look realistic? Even anything comparable to what I look like when I’m actually happy. No. When compared to pictures of me which are unfiltered and complimented with a great attitude it just seems cartoonish.

In a study on the link between Instagram filters and depression. It was found there to use more filters are likely to be more depressed.

You see the real me isn’t always stupidly put together, I like to have a little bit of a laugh with my friends. If you send me a questionable message or something quite funny I might just send back a little funny picture too. As seen above. I have skin texture, I have spots , blemishes, and hair on my face. And dare I say, I still look pretty good.

So how about we embrace our filterless selves a little more.

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