When did you reject your parent socialisation?


Source: Sandy Miller

When did you reject your primary socialisation? Your parents, family, or the household where you were raised ultimately aided you understanding your place in society, how to behave and what rules to follow.

When did you begin to reject these rules in favour of others?

Perhaps you can think of numerous times in your childhood where your views differed to those of your parents or grandparents. Perhaps, none of your views are different to your parents.

This task is to get you examining how much your norms and values have changed since you was a child. This self reflection task can be done alone or in a group. It may be beneficial to write down your answer to reflect on in the future. So you can reflect at another time.

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  1. maylynno 8 March, 2020 at 20:19 Reply

    This is an interesting topic. I think a child can’t grow old without breaking rules or rejecting parents views.
    I remember myself as a child asking many questions and arguing. As a teenager I was a real rebel. My rebellion went on in my 20s too.
    Today I still have this rebel in me but a calmer one, with respect to others.

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