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Do Celebrities, and wealthy individuals have a responsibility to spend money ‘well’?


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Putting aside redistributing of funds, let us examine our positions on how we feel public figures should spend. Whilst it is popular to simply tell others to mind their own business. For thousands of years people have judged others according to their disposable income, been guided into relationships, and been called out for their frivolousness.

Do those who have money have a responsibility to put the money towards charitable causes? Or is it up to the money holder where the funds should be directed? Should they use their money to benefit themselves? Is it possible to not use your money to benefit yourself?

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This question seeks to aid reflection and development of the sociological imagination. You may benefit from discussing with a friend. For a difficult debate go to a friend with completely different views than your own.

Does this question they not seem as complex as others at developing the sociological imagination? It truly is! It will get you understanding where you are positioned on the position of philanthropy.

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