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I’m a running enthusiast, it’s my passion, it’s what I do. I constantly strive to improve my times and get stronger. My constant battle is to beat myself and there is a little room for error.

The Prep

The night before there is the carbo loading or at least eating sufficient to fuel a mighty run first thing in the morning. It’s also important to be sufficiently hydrated. Then there is the need for sleep which seems simple enough but the subtle prod to your partner to have an early night is not as easy as you would think, or not in my case.

If you’ve drank plenty the night before, then you’ll have to suffer the consequences of perhaps a bathroom wake-up call in the middle of the night. But at least you know in advance your hydrated which gives me the positive thought that tomorrow will be a ‘good one.’


The Morning

If I’m planning a long run then the earlier the better to start pounding the pavements. But again, this is often determined by how quickly I can escape without making my partner feeling like I prefer running to him. This is definitely not the case! A light breakfast is key to ensure as any runner will know not to be cut short by an emergency ‘bush stop.’

The Run

Shorts, t -shirt, my-zone, running watch, trainers and my phone for an emergency and I’m ready to go.

Out the door, and then the roads, paths, lanes, woodland, trail is yours to explore. The cool mist or early morning breeze is refreshing and tingles as it hits your face. Sometimes the dew drops hang on my eyelashes but the goose bumps soon disappear as the pace increases and I clock up the miles.

I often find the pressure hard to reach the target miles for that day especially if my coach has given me a weekly plan. People who know me say, ‘it’s easy for you,’ ‘you would always do the most amount of miles you can.’ But, it’s not always as easy as others make out. In order to improve, you need to need to put the hours in, the efforts, the hills and fuel sufficiently and if you haven’t prepared properly it’s going to hurt.

Sometimes, during the run all types of thoughts go through my head. Some runs make you feel invincible, some runs make you feel defeated but the key is every run will make you stronger.

After the Run

When I get back from my run, I’m eager to upload it onto Strava, as remember, ‘if it’s not on Strava, it doesn’t count.’ I want to share my mileage and times in the household but they don’t share the same interest so it’s hard to get the enthusiasm that you so desire. I guess that’s the same with my partner and step children telling me how many kills they got on Fortnite as I don’t hide the fact I’m not impressed.

I’m normally fine after a run especially after a drink. However, on the odd occasion, more often after a race, I may need a bit of time to get my energy levels back up. I have to be careful here, because I never want my partner to think that my run has ruined the day so I try and make a speedy recovery so he never has a reason to use it as an excuse.

Quick shower, change, porridge and then I’m ready to go again. It’s done until the next time which will probably be the next day, haha!

I guess the key is that I try to accommodate the household in my chosen activity with minimum disruption as best as I can. But unfortunately, any run can be a trigger for an argument. I get runners can be selfish but I also think that runners plan their time so efficiently to ensure they get that run in that they do a lot more in the day than any other type of person I know.

I’m a Runner.


By Kate Ball

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