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Social Changes Which Contributed To The Rise in Casual Adult Dating Sites


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Has there really been a rise in Adult Casual Dating? Or has a change in the stigma surrounding casual sex made it easier to be open about being on/using an adult dating site.

In this article we will examine some cultural explanations for the rise is adult dating sites, this is a post sponsored by No Strings Dating.


The Social and Social Changes 1960’s+ USA

The 1960s looked great from the onset with the charismatic, and youthful J. F. Kennedy elected. Seen as progressive by supporting the Civil Rights Movement. being Pro United Nations and aiding the creation of the Peace Corp. His assassination only solidified him as a Liberal Saint in the eyes of the public and helped fuel the oncoming era of ‘Free Love’ which characterised the 1960s.

The 1960s saw what was called The ‘Summer of Love’. The Contraceptive Pill, allowed women to have the ability to control when they got pregnant from 1961 onwards (in the UK, & America). They no longer had to rely on a man using a condom. This change allowed overtime for a change in cultural norms, women could now choose to prioritise their careers. It should be noted that not all populations could engage in the ‘Summer of Love’. But it none the less paved the way for the rise in one night stands and a more sexually expressive population who could engage with multiple partners. This will be raised in a subsequent paragraph.

The legalization of Abortion (1973 in the USA, 1967 in the UK) also changed the way women perceived sex. No longer was a woman forced to become a mother. The changes in ideology were slow. However, one decade of love wasn’t enough to conquer the whole dichotomy of sexual imagery. In fact, it may have solidified the slut/virgin dichotomy. Even up into the 21st-century women were still be slut-shamed as the slut walk highlights.

The Civil Rights Movement brought attention to the plight and discrimination African Americans were facing in the United States of America. Following the end of Slavery in the United States, Jim Crow law came to run rampant throughout society. Jim Crow was a new system which allowed for the continued domination of African Americans in society following slavery through segregation, and discriminatory laws. Jim Crow allowed for African American individuals to be placed into an inferior position extremely detrimental to all ethnic populations.

Jim Crow was countered by the Civil Rights movement. Notable cases include Rosa Parks not giving up her seat to a White American on a bus. To Martin Luther Kings, I have a dream speech which aimed to highlight how blacks and whites could live together and prosper. to numerous protests, and riots. Churches were bombed across the country in protest against the Civil Rights movement. But over time the African American community won the nations sympathy, and high-status followers such as Gandi, and Nelson Mandela. Who called the worlds attention to their ongoing struggle.

The fight for Civil Rights, and the emancipation of womens sexuality also went hand in hand with the rise in Counter Culture. The Counter Culture consisted largely of a fairly privileged group of young  white people who went against the mainstream norms of society. So whilst the conservative families they came from called for monogamy, education, and maintaining the status quo. The Counter Culture was very much into the environment, community living, long hair, and was anti-war. From this period you get first the hippes, then grungey types, and later you will get goths, and rockers. Counter Culture on a faily large scale, would not die down from this point onwards.

The rise in the internet and societies ever more dependent on technology paved the way for a change in the realm of dating. Once the internet was out to the public, it was only a matter of time before people began to utilise it for relationships and sex. It provides the opportunity for individuals to connect with others around the globe, or to narrow down to a specific audience e.g. Christian Mingle. With the pressures of modern life, people can find themselves resulting to adult dating sites, and apps in order to meet new friends and socialise. Whilst some use it for a bit of fun, others find love and settle down.

There is also a growing prevalence of individuals pursuing No Strings Dating. Especially, young adults who don’t feel they have the time, money, or availability to be in commited relationships. A number of websites and apps have opened up to facilitate these more related relations such as nostringsdating net

The apps have become increasingly common and a social norm for young people to use at some point. In the future, it’s only likely they’ll venture into more fields.

This time is different from the 1960s, this time the apps are open to everyone, including those who aren’t white, ethnic minorities. Last time around, they were fighting for Civil Rights. Largely removing them, particularly black individuals, from the Free Love movement. Never before in the Western world have so many ethnic minorities actually been able to freely move through dating arenas. As more countries modernise, more people will come online, joining these apps. They will change the algorithms and stats and once again. The world of online dating will change, so let’s see where it goes.


By Shaneka Knight

Instagram: Shanekaakknight 

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