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Austerity is not a short term disruption to balance the books. It is the controlled demolition of the welfare state – transferring the UK from a social democracy to a corporate state. Austerity has been presented as necessary, constructive and temporary by governments across the world, the UK included. By the end of this book, it will be clear to the reader that it is unnecessary, destructive and intended as a permanent break with the traditions of social democracy,

The election of a conservative government in May 2015 – to the manifest surprise of David Cameron and George Osborne, who had been led by the opinion polls to expect another coalition – has only accelerated this project. The axe is being taken to government spending across all departments – and the damage to already ravaged public services will be incalculable over the next few years.

Already the proposals to cut the benefits that has been sustaining people in low-paid work has caused such consternation even amongst conservative MPs…


By Kerry-Anne Mendoza

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