How to deal with a partner that does not like you running


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This is an ongoing saga with me and my partner. It’s no secret that I love to run. It makes me a better person as I am always setting new goals and striving towards new challenges! I do like to compete in events. Each race is a target to beat my own personal achievement.

Anyway, it was brought to my attention a few weeks ago that I subconsciously whizz around the house doing jobs. This may be prepping food, housework, cleaning, washing and so then in my head, I don’t feel guilty when I go out for a run for a couple of hours. However, my partner has picked up on this and in his head taken this as a negative. I can kind of understand. I guess it’s kind of my excuse that ‘I’ve done all my jobs so you have to let me go out to run.’

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When we got together, I did say to that I ran because I didn’t want to be at home. It was an excuse to get out of the house which was true. But, as the years have gone by, I’ve discovered I’m actually quite good at running and found it therapeutic. Especially after a tough day in the office. At the weekend’s, especially now it gets dark so much earlier I like to run in the day time to get some natural light which I feel helps everyone with their own well being.

I do plan races in advance. But that’s mainly because they fill up so quickly. I would never book a race when we already have plans. But if there is no agenda then yes I will go and run. I do try and do local runs so it does not take up too much of the day. But the odd one has taken longer. The odd thing is when I am racing, I am constantly thinking, ‘run faster, I need to get back home or I will get the cold shoulder.’

My partner loves sports and participating in tennis, cycling, resistance work, and cardio training. But running is not his thing. He has tried but due to injury, it is too risky for him. I completely understand. Ultimately, I accept that this is my hobby. We don’t have to do the same activity all the time, and as long as we can support one another in our hobbies and interests, then it’s all good. I’m never going to be interested in football in the same way he is. And my partner is never going to understand why I get overexcited about a race. Have more trainers than high heels. Or read running blogs instead of the news!

By Kate Ball

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