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This seminal work is the first fully to engage human security with power in the international system. It presents global governance not as impartial institutionalism, but as the calculated mismanagement of life. David Roberts demonstrated that mainstream IR’s nihilistic domination of security IR’s nihilistic domination of security thinking blocks the realization of greater security for the world’s most vulnerable people and perpetuates the dystopia its proponents claim is inevitable.

In response, Global Governance and Biopolitics presents a viable means of preventing the termination of millions of everyday lives.


By David Roberts

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  1. Lucaa d. N. 14 October, 2018 at 09:20 Reply

    “The nihilistic accent that seems to be noticed is to be held in common -please- the necessary devaluation of Your assumption, useful for concluding this article; from here, from this final part, some disturbing domades will have to arise, to be corrected I might dare to add. The unexpected hope will be found in the chaotic and desperate proposal enclosed precisely in the “question” that will assail our near future, G.w.:
    translate that “I WANT” into a mitigation of the instincts immediately delivering (“NOW!”) that more than enough basis to survive, platform that will have (have!) a single explanation, a single recognized representation (I do not wish recognizable) in the Faith in God.(…)”


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