The Most Privileged Person on Earth is the White Woman


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A lot has been written in the 21st century about white privilege. In particular, White Male Privilege. But in my experience as an onlooker to all this privilege, I would have to say that it’s the white woman and not the white man who is the most privileged person on earth and she knows it.

Not only does she occupy the most privileged position, but much like the puppet master. Who directs what happens from a position unseen by the public they entertain it. White women go unnoticed as the hidden hand directing a lot of world affairs, abd policies although they would have you think differently.

You disagree strongly, why? Do you feel women are incapable of wielding power? That they have no real desire to rule? That women are just not like that? Well read on and let’s look at my theory and see if it holds any weight.

The dictionary defines privilege as a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. At sometime or another we all experience privileges, that’s to be expected, and so we should. And it stands to reason that some will receive more than others because that’s the way of life and we can’t change that. But some privileges come as a result of merit whilst some receive privilege because of their family name. Their position in society being a result of their gender, family, or skin colour.

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Now it must be said that women hold a very privileged position in society. To begin with despite all that’s been written to the contrary, so if we suddenly become involved in a war you can rest assured as a woman you’re not about to be conscripted into the army to fight for your country. If you’re having a bad day and suddenly feel the urge to cry you will be comforted. If you are a man and burst into tears in the office aside from the funny looks you’ll receive. The most you’ll get is a pull your socks up speech, so being a woman has its privileges and let’s not pretend otherwise. It also has its disadvantages but we’ll discuss that another time.

So how do white women go from having privileges to being the most privileged person on the planet. Well in the western world lets concede that white men are the dominant force, and his most prized possession is what? It’s his woman and make no mistake about it. Therefore she can get away with behaviour that any other person including the white man himself would have a hard time justifying.

Where’s the evidence? Well look at instances when the police are called you will often find it’s a white woman who is claiming to be in fear of her life or feeling threatened. The way it’s responded to by the police shows how privileged white women are. No other person on the planet would expect to receive such a response but a white woman does because she knows she’s protected.

In truth whether you like it or not a real man wouldn’t call the police if he was feeling threatened, he would do something himself or call his friends but not the police, because as a man you don’t expect protection. Well you don’t if you’re a black man anyways and like it or not it’s not looked upon as manly by other men, and the approval of your peers is important in our lives.

Today’s white woman is far more aggressive and in your face. Prepared to approach you as if she will physically do something if you don’t fall into line. But I guarantee if you acted in kind, even just raising your voice, you know very well even if she was the aggressor, who is getting in trouble. White women know perfectly well how far they can go and the power they now wield is frightening because it’s just begun.

How many men have been toppled, rightfully or not, because of the power of white women out to make them pay. What I’m saying isn’t new and it’s been said before of the power of women, you never heard the saying “Behind every successful man”? Well it was a white woman who came up with that saying, positive proof that she and not he is the one behind closed doors who is pulling the strings.

But here’s the problem and the danger of all this, she’s quite happy for any other woman to suffer as long as it’s not a white woman, where was the outrage from these white women when Sandra Bland was killed in a police cell? You couldn’t hear a peep from them when that happened. These privileged white women aren’t concerned for anyone if you’re not in their social status, and if you don’t believe me take a trip down to your local gentrified part of London and watch how they behave, the expectations they have that you will clear a path for them because they are in their eyes the cream of the crop. And if you dare to put a foot wrong then all hell will break loose, yes this is the same woman who given a chance will tell you all about how difficult it is to succeed in a mans world while knocking back numerous glasses of wine, yes she has a lot to say about how tough life is but in reality the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

By Carl Mason

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  1. Wine much? 1 June, 2020 at 06:07 Reply

    The entire basis of this article is that a white woman’s privilege is a white male’s protection. That in itself points out the power differential and where the power lies within that relationship. White women certainly are privileged in our society, I myself having taken for granted many freedoms that others are not given the same liberties to. But please, let’s not act as though navigating relationships with white men has ever been easy or without its oppressions and abuses toward white women either. It’s simply put, bullshit, and assuming of a life experience that you Sir have not had.

    • thesociologicalmail 1 June, 2020 at 10:51 Reply

      I (female editor) thought he was hurt by some woman but if he wanted to have this published. Sir, go ahead.

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