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Do you remember those career quizzes you would take at school or college? You know the ones that would tell you your destiny, the outcome of mine was always, wait for it… Yoga teacher! But then I would retake the quiz over and over till I eventually got popstar or actor. I wonder if they’ve updated the quizzes with current career paths such as social media influencer or tv personality.

However my question is, do we have to stick to our original job choice? With more and more 21 year olds graduating with crippling debt and competing to get a job in a field that they may no longer be interested in. Have we accidentally shot ourselves in the foot?

Don’t get me wrong education is important and graduating is an achievement in itself but 18 year old me has changed and so has my career goals and interests. I have no regrets about my choices and wouldn’t change the past, I love what I do and it will always be a part of me. Now that I’m 25 and know who I am more as a person, I’m finding things out that are pulling me into different directions. Is this the new quarter life crisis?

I know I’m not alone in this, and I’m here to say you can have more than one dream. You might fail, fail and fail again till you find your success and by the way what defines you as a success is up to you. But you don’t have to pigeon hole yourself because you feel you have to stand by a decision you made at 18, 18 year old me made some questionable decisions. It can actually be refreshing and liberating to allow yourself to open up and explore different avenues.


By Samuel Cole
(instagram @thesamuelcole)

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