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Sharing is caring, the positive side to Social Media.


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Before you say anything, hear me out… Follow for follow, like for like it all may sound pretentious and needy but what did our parents teach us? Sharing is caring. We can connect with anyone and anywhere in the world whatever time of day it is, you can reach out, chat and share. Okay so the world has trolls and haters but that’s not a new thing. They’ve always been lurking under rocks and bridges yelling negative nonsense so ignore them and be social, online of course.

It is free, and some say the best things in life are free, a platform that anyone can use. Especially for a creative like myself instagram and twitter have opened many doors for me. You can create, connect and collaborate oh and educate. Whether you’re an artist, designer, trainer or baker you can share your work and find your following.

Social media has become a place for us to share our voice, in a time where some of us are scared for our rights and what is going to happen next. It allows us to come together and help raise awareness to do something as well as make changes. From sending out a positive message on body image to being an outsider in your hometown and finding your tribe who gets you and celebrates who you are. Let’s not forget if you’re having a bad day then check out Instagram for some inspirational quotes… Dance like nobody’s watching and if that doesn’t work for you then how about, I’m not here to fit into your world I’m here to make my own.

So whether you are being a brand, having a health kick, revealing a recipe or trying to change the world. Or just sharing a selfie and celebrating who you are, do it with pride and positivity.


By Samuel Cole
(Instagram @thesamuelcole)

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