2 thoughts on “On whether sexual liberty has in reality liberated women

  1. The title of the article seems to imply that feminism itself, which has the aim of women being equal to men as a fundamental, has contributed to its own self-harm, and that does not feel like a good understanding of the big picture. Perhaps I am misreading it somehow. I’m not big on writing articles these days, but it seems that a clear statement of the connection between women gaining some liberties through birth control pills and some rights in various countries, and men imposing more, or the same, limits in reaction to those, is a vital connection. Otherwise I am somehow reading this as implying that ‘women wanted sexual freedom and somehow got it and now there is more prostitution which is somehow seen as one of those sexuak freedoms gone wrong’, and I just don’t see that as true. It seems the reaction to freedoms is the imposition of more oppression by those who oppress.

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