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Are you the type of person to make a list of everything you want to do at the beginning of the year or do you just keep rolling into the next one and wonder where the time has gone? I am definitely a list person and strive to tick items off once they are complete. I can definitely say that on the days when I am being most productive, I am following a To Do list. There are many benefits of To-Do lists, from helping you prioritise your time to helping you remember what it is you meant to do! For me, to do lists are absolutely invaluable. It’s a very simple strategy that works great!

I don’t look at any of my To Do lists as ‘set in stone’. That would be too stressful. Instead, they are guides and their purpose is to help, but not put any pressure on you. However, I find that the act of actually committing an idea to paper and writing it on a list is enough to set it in your mind as something worthy of doing and before long it is done. Lists feel almost magical to me and really help me to get things done.

I will be 30 in just over a year’s time and in some ways I feel it is a milestone and I am somewhat disappointed that I have not come further in my life. Don’t get me wrong if you asked my family and friends they would say I have achieved a lot in a short space of time but to me, I feel I have a lot further to go. Maybe I have changed the goal posts…or maybe as I have got older I want more out of life. Either way, a list needs to be made!

Therefore, I have decided that from now until my 30th which is in 13 months time I am going to make a list of 30 things I want to achieve, do or see. They could be challenges, dreams that have never been told or as small as baking a cake fit for ‘Bake Off.’ As I work through these items I will keep you updated as to why they are important to me, why I wanted to do it and of course the impact on my life as my big birthday descends.

Happy List Making!

By Kate Ball

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