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Do You Have Autism? Would You Like to Contribute to a Photo Essay?


I’m Richard and as well as being a photography student I also write occasional freelance articles for https://thesociologicalmail.com

I would like to write a photo essay about autism in which I present some information about autism as a condition and weave into it some personal accounts about living with autism.

I don’t have autism (I have depression and anxiety), but I do feel that autism is often misunderstood and misrepresented. I think the film and media representation of autism tends to be in the style of Rain Man and Mercury Rising, or patronising and derogatory.

What I would like from you is a photo that is a reflection of an aspect of living with autism, along with a short written account to explain the photo (around 50 words).

I’m not necessarily looking for a photo of you, I’d prefer something that expresses how you feel about life with autism, things that frustrate or annoy you, things people do or say that annoy you, skills/abilities/talents that you have, something that makes you happy, hopes, dreams, or something positive about living with autism. It could be a photo of a piece of art or sculpture that you have created.

My only requirement is around ethics and consent. So I can’t accept photos by, or of people under 18.

If you want to see the style of article I write then please see the link below. It’s scary to be involved in someone else’s essay, especially when you don’t know them. So I want to you to be able to see whether my essay style is suitable for your involvement.

I look forward to your reply.

My email is richard516716@oca.ac.uk

My photo essay on homelessness can be found at


Best Wishes



Original post: https://photosociology.wordpress.com/2017/10/05/do-you-have-autism-would-you-like-to-contribute-to-a-photo-essay/

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