Source: Emily Skinner PHD, (ABD)

The contents of historical memory is the infrastructure of our reality. We connect individual memories by constructing histories and narratives that remember, share, teach, and serve to construct our daily lives. The malleability of memories is manipulated by the historical chokehold of oppression.  After the recent events in Charlottesville, there are reactions projecting surprise, shock, disbelief, and questioning of what year we are living in. The nature of our historical memory has been used to protect white supremacy in our narratives, our history books, and our institutions. Our society has historically silenced the voices and narratives of the black community and continues to do so. Apathy is bred in silence; while empathy is rooted in narrative. Using words as swords to defend a history of oppression that has informed our current reality, while parading around in our privilege that continues to drown out silenced voices.

Image Created by Emily Skinner PHD, (ABD), 2017

By Emily Skinner (PHD)

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