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To be a woman. When I say a woman, I do not mean being a female. For me, being a woman in this world is something more than that. It is a mission, a job which is not very easy but at the same time, it is the most amazing job one can ever imagine.

Women are the most majestic creatures in the world. I believe, of course, women and men are different in many senses. We cannot compare these two genders. Men and women are like different planets but every woman must remember that she is special and that without a woman near him man would not be a man at all. Women typically reinforce their masculinity bringing them a sense of pride. Which is why behind every great man is a great woman.

Our big hearts can warm and support in bad times, we can make the coldest place the warmest one. Furthermore, each woman is different. We all have different aims in our lives. But one thing which unites us is that we all want to find happiness. What is it? Only you can answer.  All women answer differently to this question. For some it is just a happy family, for others it can be a breath-taking career and professional success. And some women can answer that their happiness is in combining these different spheres of life. And that is absolutely possible

That`s the magic of being a woman in this world. Some people like to talk about the “traditional” role of woman in the society which is cooking, cleaning the house, looking after the children etc.  But nowadays, personally I think, it`s very difficult to talk about traditional roles and that is unfair to talk about it solely without taking into consideration the changing position of people.

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was traditional long time ago but our world changes. It`s time to change some traditions. Nowadays a woman can be an excellent wife, a proud mother, she can have different hobbies and that does not mean that she can`t have a flourishing career. That is the magic. She can do everything she wants at the same time.  What is the secret of it? There is no secret. It is our nature. Women are unique

There is a very popular phrase nowadays: a strong woman. Just two words. For some men, these two words together sounds funny but for women, this phrase is like a mantra, a motivation to do something. To be honest, I don`t like this phrase. I like the phrase a self-made woman.  A woman who believes in herself and a woman who works to achieve her goals.

Just remember that we do not have to be strong every time every day. In some cases, women want to be strong and independent so much that she sometimes forgets about herself, about her life outside the office, about the fact that she is not a machine. Yes, she can be independent but in this case, it is very important not to become a man. We should understand that it is not a crime to ask for help and it does not make you weaker, it makes you even stronger than you are.

Do not be afraid that you will not find your dream job. If you have a passion to do something you will definitely find a job. Times have changed and it is not a problem for women to take some time to find herself. If you want to do something, try it now! Some women, for example, think that they can be considered a bad mother just because they do not dedicate 24 hours a day to their children. It is not right. You must not sacrifice your private life because you are a mother. The child is happy when the mother is happy too when his or her mother has some hobbies or when she has a job that she loves. You will be an amazing example. Do not be afraid of societal stigma, be free. Free of fears and prejudice. You deserve happiness.

By Kseniia Osadcha

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