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A long-time ago, we moved from using clothes as a means of covering our naked bodies, to a way of expressing our personality and social status. Centuries ago, if fashion was bell pants or shoulder pads, it lasted at least a couple of years. The situation today, however, is very different. Every week there is a new trend contributing to the fashion market. The root of this change has been, as always in the 21st century, social medias.

The problem is that through mediums like Instagram, people are overexposed to thousands of trendy styles to follow. If we add to this that Millennials are huge mind changers and a population of undecided youth, the result is a storm where every wave is a new trend and every brand a ship trying to break through that storm. As a result, the main clothing brands market new lines and collections even faster, because as I said these trendy waves change very fast. They understand what you wear right now, and predict what you will wear in the next few weeks. It is incredible how vulnerable we are to these things that with every click or membership, we are giving them such important information about ourselves, and inherently our personality. They know what kind of clothes we fancy and what not, so they recommend the most suitable. Like I commented before, because of globalization you can wear right now the same clothes that are marketed in other cities like New York or Paris with just a few days of delay and almost at the same price. Even if you traveled to somewhere like Rio, you would probably see people dressed like you. Thank globalism.

It is also interesting how the most basic clothing have become street wear style, or how they call it athleisure ( a mix between athletic and measure made clothes). Sportive clothes are far from just cheap clothes for low status people. Right now they form part of the fashion culture. And the main clothing brands know it, especially the luxury brands that are living a big change in their brand images. Sportive clothes do not have to mean cheap or bad quality clothes. Brands know it and also know that the main clients are millennials who identify more with this type of comfortable and light clothing. So now the luxury brands have to find a captain for sailing their ships in this storm, they collaborate with millennial icons of street wear and fashion like Justin Bieber, Drake or Kanye West. In this way, brands make their clothes very desirable keeping high prices for young public, making the icons as fashion standards to follow and very easy for promoting via social media.

I am not stylist, even if I like fashion. But to finish, for the people that are planning to buy some clothes, let’s consider two things. First, it is better to purchase a gym membership for the whole year ithan a new wardrobe every season. We know how sometimes the problem doesn’t come from the clothes we buy but our body shape. Our bodies change depending on the period of the year, having extra weight (especially in winter) is normal. That is why you should invest in keeping a good shape and not on changing your clothes every two for three months. Knowing your body is essential and a good fitting is the base for a good cloth. And second, let me suggest you not to go crazy with the trendy waves. Some of them might work on you, some not. But you don’t need to follow them obligatory. Give a try if you want but you have to be clear on what your personality is and what suits you. Doesn’t matter how fashionable or cool some clothes are because in the end, you are the one who is going to wear it. And if that trendy outfit is ridiculous, mate, do yourself a favour and don’t wear it, they go out of style sooner or later anyways.

By Oier Sola Bilbao

Facebook: Oier Sola Bilbao

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