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Gender inequality is very real and it affects our society in many ways, but here’s the thing, it’s not exclusive to women, it affects men too and no doubt transgender people. But, this is about the way that society has conveniently pushed men to the side and forgotten that sometimes we’re also victims and not just the perpetrator.

“There’s no such thing as sexism against men. That’s because sexism is prejudice + power. Men are the dominant gender with power in society”, not my words but a headline I saw while researching for this article. Well although not offended by the statement, I was still concerned by the notion that because men are apparently the dominant gender that in no way could men be victims of sexism or any other gender bias that might so choose to raise up its ugly head.

So I thought, whatever it’s just one person’s opinion so let me keep on researching, but oh no what I came to discover was that not only was it not an isolated opinion but it was more of a growing consensus and an alarming discovery suddenly dawned on me that it appears as if there is a war on men, not any kind of man but any masculine man, so no I’m not excluding gay men from this list because there are many men who happen to be gay but are masculine, not every gay man is cut from the same cloth as Graham Norton or Alan Carr.

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Have you ever watched the adverts on TV? I mean really watched them, because chances are if you took a look at how men tend to be portrayed then there’s definitely a sense of the knuckle dragger about him, men are often portrayed as dim-witted simpletons unable to cope in the kitchen, with the children, his own health or anybody else’s for that matter without the swift intervention of a woman to make sure he doesn’t mess things up. Now while that might be the case with some men and it’s also the case with some women, you’d never know it because in media land women are virtually indestructible and men are well, to put it bluntly useless.

Well you say, it’s payback for all that men have done in the past, yeah, I get that, someone has to pay for all the harm some men have committed to and on women in the past. And believe me the notion of an eye for an eye is a powerful one which might hold some weight were it not for the fact that it’s the innocents who are always left to suffer and just as it’s not and hasn’t been right to discriminate against women it’s equally wrong now to carry out the same sort of behaviour towards men and more specifically to boys. Because one look at modern society tells me that in aiming to redress the balance of years of oppression we surely have now gone too far in condemning men as the source of all ills in the world whose only real value is to carry out the heavy lifting and die at the hands of other men in war.

I know that’s over simplified and I’m being emotional, well so what if I’m being emotional, I thought that’s what women wanted from men but the goal posts shift the minute you think you’ve got it right which in the main is what men want to do, I think, get it right, please those around them, protect our loved ones and be considered of value, but in today’s society there seems to be little value on the life of men, a simple case in point would be have you ever listened to the news when an atrocity has been carried out, listen to how it’s reported and you will hear a total loss of life and then a breakdown of how many women and children have lost their lives, well why aren’t we told how many men lost their lives, they’re referred to in war as soldiers but these are men, husbands, sons, fathers and much more, people with feelings and emotions and hopes and dreams but it seems that this is irrelevant if you’re a man.

Maybe it’s just my perception, it could be that I’m just having one of those days and if that’s the case then forgive me, but if it’s even slightly true then we are heading for problems and if I’m correct then we’re not just in moving in the direction of trouble but we have reached our final destination please alight here because this is the end of the line.


By Carl Mason


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