With the growing acceptance, enthusiasm and positivity towards gender fluidity and expressing yourself it is great to see men being represented in the cosmetic and makeup industry. Some statistics even show that male beauty products are the leading market, but why has it taken so long?

There is a huge wave of talented males creating stunning work, especially on social media and some brands such as Maybelline have introduced male ambassadors. This is all great news! However, the market is still quite slim as the images we have seen are men creating feminine looks with makeup, which I love to see and enjoy but will there ever be campaigns showing men embracing and emphasising male aesthetics? So not using makeup in a feminine way but in a way that showcases the male face, if that is even possible.

It’s no secret that anyone male or female within television wears makeup and that is understandable. Yet the crossover for men using cosmetics in everyday life or on a night out has still not been achieved.

I am all for being yourself and not complying with gender rules but there are some questions I have to raise, such as woman can feel obliged to have to wear makeup and I would like to live in a world where that wasn’t the case but if men become just as conscious about wearing makeup all the time is that going to cause more body image problems? Are women going to be accepting to a heterosexual man wearing makeup and will it put them off dating a guy? Will heterosexual men judge their friend’s masculinity? For me, we need to stop with the judgment and let everyone do their thing, basically power to ya!

By Samuel Cole

Instagram: cole.srj

Twitter: cole_srj



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